To Join SUOA, Click to Complete Each of the Three Steps

How to Join SUOA

Three Steps to Officially Join the SUOA

  1. Complete the SUOA Contract by clicking above and completing the contract. Make sure to complete all the information. Only one contract needed per year regardless of how many sports you officiate as long as each sport is marked on the form. The information provided is how we will contact you.
  2. Pay dues through Paypal by clicking above and checking out. No need to have a Paypal account, you may check out as a guest.
  3. Join UHSAA and pay dues through its arbiter website.

Why Do I Need to Join UHSAA and SUOA

The UHSAA is the governing body over high school athletics in Utah. The organization provides rules clinics, certifying tests, background checks, and other statewide policies and procedures. The UHSAA requires membership in and works with local associations. The SUOA is a local association that provides rules and mechanic trainings, meetings, game evaulations, rankings, and local policies and procedures. The SUOA provides the opportunity to meet and get to know local officials in the area and provide other non-UHSAA officiating opportunities.

New to Officiating?

Interested in becoming a sports official? There is no better place than The Southern Utah Officials Association! Stay involved in the sports you love by becoming an official. Our association offers quality instruction and development for 5 sports and all levels of officiating.

What does it take to be an Official?

To get started officiating you will need to have the proper knowledge, uniform, and belong to an official's organization. Each sport is a little different, so visit each sport's page for the specific information. All sports for Utah High School officiating require that an official joins a local association and the UHSAA (including paying dues), participates in a yearly rules clinc and passes a rules knowlege-based test to become a Certified Official. For more information, visit the UHSAA Site.